Alta Data is an innovative company that designs and produces interface cards ( PCI , CompactPCI / PXI , PMC , PCI- Express, XMC , PCMCI , CardExpress ) and Ethernet gateways for avionics buses MIL-STD- 1553B and ARINC 429 . the founders of the company are all former members of the management or product engineers with over 20 years experience in the field of avionics bus. Alta Data offers a 5 year warranty on hardware and responsive and flawless technical support .

Business Areas : Aerospace , Space, Defence

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Manufacturer of hermetic housings .

Business areas : Aerospace (very recognized spatial inheritance) , Defence Industries and Medical.

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Better known under the name Spectrum Control Inc. , which specializes in electromagnetic interference filters ( EMI) . The company offers a wide range of ceramics, plastic film capacitors , connectors and filters crossings filtered for use in the defense, aerospace , medical , industry and energy.

Business areas : Aerospace , Defense and Medical Industries .

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Leader in RF solutions / microwave high performance . The company designs , develops and manufactures filters , amplifiers (including SSPA ) , frequency sources, subsystems , components and provides services for microelectronics. Based in Europe and the US, the selected product brands include : Spectrum Microwave , Remec , Amplifonix , FSY , RF2M , and CMT filters.

Business areas : Aerospace , Defense, Petrol and Medical Industries .

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Since 1968 , Applied Avionics Inc. (formerly Aerospace Optics ) is recognized as an innovator in the VIVISUN range of indicators and illuminated pushbuttons and robust switches. These solutions are designed for easy installation and maintenance free operation .

Business Areas : Aerospace and Defense.

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Becker is a leader in digital avionics technology. They set the standard in customer-centric, state-of-the-art ground and airborne solutions. Becker Avionics is a privately held high-tech company that develops, manufactures and distributes the latest communications, navigation, surveillance and search & rescue equipment for airborne and ground applications.

Business areas: avionics and defence

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For over 34 years , CDA Intercorp is a leader in the design and manufacture of high technology products , highly reliable , controllable for technologically advanced control systems.

Business Areas : aerospace , defense, oil industry , robotics, nuclear

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CEL California Eastern Laboratories

California Eastern Laboratories ( CEL ) is the exclusive seller and America marketing partner of Renesas Electronics Components (formerly NEC Electronics Corporation) ; RF components and integrated circuits , optocouplers , solid state relays , lasers and detectors for fiber optics. CEL custody of the stocks and provide technical support . CEL also develops its range MeshConnect ™ radio modules and transceiver IEEE 802.15.4 / ZigBee . CEL is a member of the ZigBee Alliance.

Business areas: Semi conductor RF Distributor / Laser & detectos / Optocouplers and SSR / Wireless module

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Chronos Technology provides clocks and GNSS solutions for users requiring geolocation worldwide GPS jammers and detectors. They have developed a range of GPS synchronization and time-frequency in power systems using TCXO , OCXO , Rubidium and technology via miniature atomic clock.

Business Areas : Defence, Energy , Finance, Industry , Telecomunications , Transportation

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Through its range of microwave products and passive millimeter , Cinch (eg Midwest Microwave ) moved attenuators , adapters , fillers , splitters , couplers, equalizers , phase shifters, connectors , assemblies and test cables cables for civil and military application.

Business Areas : Telecommunications , Defense, Aerospace

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Comair Rotron is an American based company founded in 1947, world leader and innovator in the field of fans, blowers, fan trays and custom assemblies which are used in any application that requires thermal management. Comair Rotron engineering team can realize complete thermal management solutions, including fans, blowers, turbines, controle boards, wiring harnesses, RFI filters, air filters and enclosures according to your specifications.

Business areas : defense, aerospace, telecommunications, medical, IT, automotive, transportation

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Corfin Industries is a service company that provides operations on components for defense, medical , telecommunications and other high reliability industries. The services offered are: degolding components and re- tinning Components Using their own technology based on robotic welding.

Business Areas : Industry 

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Crane Aerospace & Electronics provides systems and critical components for the aerospace , defense and medical . You will find Crane Aerospace & Electronics in some of the harshest environments : engines, landing gear ; via satellites, medical implants and missiles to unmanned aerial systems.

Business Areas: Aerospace , Defense and Medical

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For over 35 years , Datakey designs and produces reliable coded keys containing a reprogrammable non-volatile memory . Solutions used for transporting data, security and access control applications in harsh environments (high temperature , EMI , dust, dirt , humidity, vibrations).

Business Areas : Aerospace , Defense, Industry, Medical, on measure

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Since 1970, DATEL Data Acquisition products have been recognized for their innovation and reliability in meeting the requirements of the most demanding of applications. Our standard products include many of the popular devices compliant to DSCC/DLA drawings. In addition to developing a comprehensive offering of standard products, from Sampling Analog-to-Digital Converters, Digital-to-Analog Converters, Data Acquisition Systems, and Image Processors to Sample-Holds, our engineering team can also design modified products and custom solutions to meet the specific needs of leading customers.

Business Areas : Imaging, medical, scientific and high-rel industries.

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Elsys , Ukrainian company founded in 1991 , specializes in the development and manufacture of radio frequency and microwave electronic products such as power amplifiers , power limiters, SSPA and soil or airborne complete subassemblies.

Business Areas : Telecommunications, Defense

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EMC TECHNOLOGY & FLORIDA RF LABS are specialized in the resistive components thick film and thin-layer signal distribution components , as well as high reliability coaxial cables.

Business Areas : Telecommunications, Aerospace ( space heritage highly recognized ), Defence, Medical, equipment testing

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Enercon Europe is a leading designer and manufacturer for custom Power Supplies for the Civilian, Military & Aerospace applications. We offers a wide variety of Military and Ruggedized MOTS (Modified Off The Shelf) power supplies. Our units are field proven with large customer base and outstanding high reliability and Quality. We specialize in DC/DC power supplies, AC/DC converters, DC/AC inverters, GCU's (Generator Control Units) and UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supplies) build for military applications that are MIL-STD compliant (MIL-STD-704, MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD- 810, DO-160, MIL-STD-1275 and MIL-STD-1399).

Business Areas: military and aerospace

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Electronic System Design GmbH , specializes in the field of industrial automation technology . ESD is a leader in the design of electronic cards ( PCI , CompactPCI / PXI , PMC , PCI- Express, VME , USB, Ethernet , WLAN, Bluetooth) , gateways ( EtherCAT , PROFIBUS , PROFINET) and associated software for CAN , CANopen, J1939 , ARINC 825 , DeviceNet, EtherCAT and Ethernet Industrial.

Business Areas : Aerospace , Transportation , Medical, Industrial, Automotive

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For over 35 years , ESE offers display solutions from generation & distribution and time signals ( NTP , IRIG , SMPTE , EBU , audio, video). ESE focused on the provision of simple , accurate and cost effective solutions for a wide variety of applications, such as radio and television , audio and video production , medical and public safety as well as governments and the military.

Business Areas : Telecommunications, Broadcasting , Defence, Aerospace

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The range of ETG - Canteq solutions company based in Canada , includes microwave components : duplex filters , loads, rotary joints , adapters, couplers, circulators , isolators and sets of waveguides which can all be customized to meet the needs unique to each client.

Business Areas : Telecommunications , Defense, Aerospace


With 60 years of experience Flann is positioned as the European leader (ITAR FREE) in the manufacture and design of: Precision Microwave Components in waveguide technology from 2 to 500 GHz (adapters, antennas, attenuators, couplers , filters / duplexers, calibration kits) and complete test and measurement products to specification.

Business Areas : military, broadcasting, aerospace, telecommunication, satellite communication, government agencies, academic institutions, metrology ...


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Created in 1989 as a joint venture with GE Aerospace in the defense electronics sector , Getac , the leader of the hardened computing, offers the broadest range in this segment : Laptops, Tablets & Pocket PC.

Business Areas : Defense , Transportation , Logistics, Utilities , Manufacturing, Policing and First Aid

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GPS Source ( GPSS ) designs, manufactures and sells control products and broadcasts of GNSS signals . GPS , Galileo , GLONASS , OMNISTAR and COMPASS Their product understand antennas, low noise amplifiers , splitters , amplifiers line filters, cables , repeaters without son for sheds, garages and laboratories.

Business Areas : Defence, First Aid , Telecomunications , Aerospace

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Founded in 1942, Grayhill is a major player in the design and manufacture of customized operator interface solutions , electronic components and rugged mobile computers. These solutions include control panels , keypads , rotary switches , encoders, controllers, I / O modules and DIP switches.

Business Areas : Aerospace , Defence, Industry , Medical, Agriculture, Construction and Automotive

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130 people Company , founded in 1995, with headquarters located in Sunnyvale (CA) GSI , a specialist in ultra-fast SRAM , uses TSMC services for the realization of these components. - IP ports - Low Latency DRAMs - Quad SRAMs - DDR SRAMs

Business areas : Digital , real time

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Handheld is a privately-held manufacturer of rugged mobile computers, including rugged tablets, notebooks and handhelds and is one of the fastest growing companies in the sector. Together with our resellers around the globe, we form partnerships that offer products that withstand the toughest conditions and solutions to get the job done. Over the past five years, Handheld has embarked on a transformation from a business model of selling other companies’ products to a manufacturing model in which we develop, produce, market and sell our own unique products under our own brands. This transformation process was a strategic move that has built long-term value for stakeholders that include end users, resellers, employees and owners. Handheld headquarters is in western Sweden in the town of Lidköping. We have local offices in Lahti (Finland), Rome (Italy), Deventer (The Netherlands), Corvallis (OR, USA), Sydney (Australia), Leamington Spa (United Kingdom), Freilassing (Germany) and Landquart (Switzerland). Having these remote branches helps Handheld maintain a close relationship with and offer better service to our customers. To truly fulfill our goals and vision of being a global company with a local mindset, we have built up an extensive partner network with more than 1,000 authorized partners covering all territories.

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Leading designer and manufacturer of high performance commercial aviation and military antennas. Harris has an extensive antenna portfolio suited to virtually any application and customer need. At least one Harris antenna is standard equipment on nearly every U.S. military aircraft flying today. Harris offers off-the-shelf as well as custom designed multi-band communication, navigation, satellite communications (SATCOM), electronic support measures, electronic warfare and telemetry antennas for any mission, including anti-jam global positioning system (GPS) navigation and launch range safety. The diverse product library enables delivery of ~40,000 antennas annually and the production site is based in North Amityville, NY.

Business areas: avionics and defence

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IXI Technology is based in Yorba Linda, California and has been serving the worldwide governments and agencies for over 30 years as a mission-critical supplier of embedded systems and software. IXI’s solutions includes: ATDS/NTDS, Carrier Cards, Computer and Control Consoles, Converters, Data I/O & Translation, Multiplexers, Peripheral Equipment Emulators, Processing, Test Equipment, Time Sync and Counter UAS.

Business areas: avionics and defence

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Knowles Capacitors makes Multilayer, High Reliability, Single Layer and Precision Variable Capacitors, EMI Filters and Thin Film Devices. Their business was formed by combining Dielectric Laboratories, Novacap, Syfer and Voltronics, each well-established specialty capacitor makers with a combined history of over 175 years, into a single organization. Their expertise is the design and manufacture of components important to engineers in applications where function and reliability are key.

Business Areas : medical, military, aerospace/avionics, EMI and connector filtering, oil exploration, instrumentation, industrial electronics, optical networks, telecom and automotive.

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Leader for control broadband modulators connectorized with over 45 years experience. Specialized in solutions for test benches and simulators and solutions for embedded applications in severe environments ( avionics) . Test - simulation equipment for radars and electronic against measures.

Business Areas: Military , Aerospace

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MasterClock offers a wide range of digital and analog clocks and displays as well as many other systems where accurate time is required. MasterClock The clocks are synchronized by IRIG time code / SMPTE or NTP .

Business Areas : Industrial, Education , Events , Defence, Telecommunications, First Aid

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Matt Black Systems is a major independent specialist in the design and manufacture of man-machine interfaces for land, sea and air applications. They offer their clients innovation, professionalism and the latest technology. Since founding in 1971, they have developed an extensive range of integrated products across a multitude of industries. Most companies implement lean manufacturing but at Matt Black Systems they have developed their own culture of the ‘Lean Business.’ Lean principles are applied across all business operations and at all levels, from concept design to despatch. Improvements and innovations are not limited to manufacturing operations alone. their Business Management System has been developed in-house and is a unique, world-class realisation of Lean principles.

Business areas: Aerospace, Defence, Security and Simulation for both the military and commercial sectors

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Measurement Specialties Precision Position Products Operations (formerly Spectrum Sensors , Controls former JDK ) is a manufacturer of precision potentiometers plastic molded driver and co- contactless (Hall effect).

Business Areas : Aerospace , Defense and Medical Industries

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"Microsemi Frequency & Time Division , formerly Symmetricom is the world's leading companies specializing in timing and synchronization systems (NTP , PTP / IEEE - 1588 time code IRIG ) and the precise frequency references ( miniature atomic oscillator , Quartz , Rubidium , cesium , hydrogen Maser ) . Microsemi offers solutions in the form of PCI, PCIe , VME rack of equipment 19 '' on the shelf or modular or complete test benches and systems.

Business Areas: Telecommunications , Defense, Aerospace, industry

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Microsemi Corporation offers a comprehensive portfolio of semiconductor solutions. The company’s high-performance RF, microwave and millimeter wave solutions includes high reliability Diodes, Power Transistors and MMIC products. Microsemi’s product portfolio also includes millimeter wave integrated circuits for passive and active imagers, ultra low-power RF radios, modules for medical and energy harvesting applications and RF components for IEEE802.11 WLAN products.

Business Areas: Telecommunications, Defense and Security, Aerospace, Medical and Industrial markets

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Vectron has been acquired from Microsemi and is a leader in the design and manufacture of solutions Frequency Control (clocks, OCXO, TCXO, VCXO, VCSO, EMXO, MEMS), Filters (SAW, Crystal, LC), Frequency Translation and Timing Modules (GPS Disciplined).

Business Areas: Telecommunications , Defense, Aerospace, industry

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MilesTek offers connectivity solutions since 1981. Their offer of MIL-STD- 1553B products, mainly used in military applications , consists of a full range of bus couplers , harnesses, cables and cords , fillers and tooling .

Business Areas : Defense

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Initially in 1969 , the founder of Mini -Circuits , Harvey Kaylie , started the company with a simple formula for success: quality products , sell them at very competitive prices and ensure prompt delivery . Time to prove that the formula of Mr. Kaylie was good ! Today, Mini Circuits is a leader in the design , manufacture and distribution of RF , IF and microwave components and integrated modules covering DC to 40 GHz .

Business Areas : Telecommunications , Aerospace, Defense and Medical Industries 

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Founded in 1951, Moog proposes High-definition (HD) network camera systems for harsh environments, rugged fixed and PTZ camera enclosures, pan and tilt positioners, tripods, infrared illuminators, mounting poles, camera lowering devices, and other accessories are a few of the surveillance solutions.

Business Areas: Military, Commercial and Industrial

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L3 Narda Microwave West enjoys recognition as one of the most respected microwave component manufacturers in the world proposed solutions . Converters up & down , Duplexers , Multiplexers , linearizers , linearized channel amplifiers , combiners , circulators and Isolators .

Business Areas : Space, Defense

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Design and manufacturing services for built to print and built to specification RF and microwave components and modules.

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Key to our uniqueness, NoiseWave was founded by Microwave and RF Engineers with many decades of design experience in Noise theory and Noise fundamentals! Only experts with hands-on experience in AWGN could deliver such a high quality product and the personal service that you can expect from NoiseWave.

Business Areas: Aerospace, Defence, Research, Telecom, Military, Satellite

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Mechanics and heat dissipation solutions for the aerospace and constrained environments : • hardened card Extractors Guide • Slides thermal conductive trays hardened frameworks • cards • Motherboards • 19 hardened systems

Business Areas : Aerospace , Defence, Industry , Medical and constrained environments 

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PICONICS is a world class provider of microelectronic coils, high-quality inductors, conical , fixed, tunable .

Business Areas : Telecommunications, Aerospace ( space acknowledged inheritance) , Defense and Medical Industries

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Pole / Zero, American Society of Dover MPG , develops and manufactures tunable filters ( agile ) for embedded military applications solutions are in the form of components: . Band pass filters and notch designed to cancel noise background in RF communication or form cosity Integrated Systems .

Business Areas : Defense

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Positronic is a global manufacturer of high reliability electronic connectors and build-to-print cable assemblies for use in various applications related to military, space, commercial aerospace, medical, industrial, test, and rail among others. Core capabilities include solid machined contacts with low resistance/high conductivity for use in standard and quick-turn custom connectors. Key products include high power, D-sub, rectangular, modular and circular connectors.

Business Areas : Aerospace ( known spatial inheritance) , Defence, Industry , Medical and Railway

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PRISM is a leader in Radio Frequency (RF) technology , offers filters at the request of the customer, worldwide . BTS solutions , product line antenna , DVB-T Filters , local and international support.

Business areas: computer research

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Quinstar specializes in the design, engineering and manufacturing of millimeter wave components in the assembly of subsystems and systems for applications in satellite communications , radiometric , radar and remote sensing.

Pratice areas:Telecommunications, Defense , Aerospace, Search

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RelComm Technologies, established in April 1994, designs and manufactures Design Enhanced Application Specific RF Coaxial Relay Products for high volume commercial telecommunications infrastructure, military communications as well as test and measurement instrumentation operating from DC to 40 GHz. The management team has more than seventy-five years of combined experience in design, manufacturing and marketing of products for this industry.

Business areas: Telecommunications, Defense, Test and measurement

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SPEAG is the leading developer and manufacturer of advanced and reliable test equipment for the evaluation of electromagnetic (EM) fields. Their smart products and high-performance probes are user-friendly and designed for precise measurements in a wide range of applications ≤110 GHz, covering the latest 5G technologies. Key products: DASY6 – Compliant SAR measurement; cSAR3D – FastSAR testing; ICEy – Automatic near field scanning (EMI/EMC); DAK – Dielectric measurement systems; EM Phantoms – Body simulants for RF testing; SEMCAD X - EM design optimization by simulations.

Business areas: Telecom, Medical, Research, Scientific

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Division which provides temperature and viscosity sensors based on the principle of SAW. Wirelessly and without batteries, these sensors allow the measurement up to 12 points. Includes at least one antenna and a receiver.

Business Areas: Switchgear control (electrical cabinet), Rotating Machinery, printing inks and lubricant monitoring.

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SignalCore Inc. designs and manufactures subsystems radio frequency (RF) and quality instrumentation. Their philosophy is to design technological products with high linearity and low phase noise. Their strong knowledge of RF engineering design allows them to manufacture products to the noise levels are among the lowest in the industry.

Business Areas : Research and development , Industrial, Telecommunications , Aerospace, Defence, Electonic

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Founded in 2014, Skydel brings a new paradigm to the GNSS simulator scene. Their products which combine innovative algorithms and off-the-shelf hardware, create the best GNSS solutions for today’s engineers’ and scientists’ challenges. By combining GPU-accelerated computing and software-defined radios (SDR), their products generate signals in real time, with uncompromising performance for the most demanding use cases. The use of GPU and SDR (as opposed to custom-designed hardware) provides their clients with a multitude of benefits: economy of scale, easy upgrades, hardware repurposing, and sharing for other RF applications.

Business Areas: Military, Aerospace, Automotive, Power Grid

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SOSHIN offers LTCC filters, LC filters, hybrid solutions , EMC products, baluns , power couplers .

Business Areas : CATV systems , MoCA , industry, telecommunications 

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SynQor is a company founded in 1997 by an M.I.T. professor, Dr. Martin F. Schlecht, who believed that a technology known as "synchronous rectification" would revolutionize the decades old industry of DC-DC power converters. Today SynQor is a leading manufacturer of power conversion solutions to the communications, computing, industrial, medical, military and railway markets. SynQor’s technical capabilities allow them to realize standard and customized solutions.

Business areas : Mil-aero, Medical, Railway, Telecom

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"TEKRON is based in Wellington, New Zealand. They are specialists in the design and manufacture of GPS clocks and time and frequency products for energy and telecom industries that require precise timing , reliable and robust . These qualities are demonstrated a 10-year guarantee of their products.

Business Areas : Energy, Telecomunications 

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TMD Technologies Limited (TDG) is among the world's leading manufacturers of microwave tubes, SSPA , high voltage power, and transmitters for radar, electronic warfare, communications, RF EMC testing, and other applications laboratory.

Business Areas : Defence, Aerospace, Telecomunications

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Founded in 1998, Transcom , Inc. is a Taiwanese company specialized in microwave devices and subsystems. His expertise in mass production and design of GaAs devices is high performancs and can meet the major criteria of the industry : high power , low noise and low - cost.

Business Areas : Defence, Aerospace, Research & development

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Innovators in the design and manufacture of next-generation power solutions, True Blue Power is harnessing the power of Nanophosphate® lithium-ion cell technology for aviation and marine applications. All True Blue Power products are housed in signature true-blue casing and combine proven technology with the superior quality, ingenuity and decades of experience that our customers have come to expect. Current production includes USB charging ports, inverters, converters, emergency power supplies and advanced lithium-ion batteries.

Business Areas: Avionic 

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Leader in hyper sources and modular synthesizers for 100 MHz applications from 100 MHz to 26 GHz - Families from various sources: CRO , DRO , PCRO , PDRO , PXS , ... - Families of various synthesizers - Indirect: XS, BBS , FSX FSS BBFS - Direct: DSX , DS

Business Areas: Military , Aerospace

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Universal Switching Corporation designs and manufactures best-in-class programmable signal switching, conversion and distribution products for use in the defense community, communication, telemetry, ATE and broadcast industries.

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Verdant Telemetry is an indian designer and manufacturer of antennas and radomes , specializing in soil applications , naval and airborne ( subsonic , supersonic and unmanned ) .

Business Areas : Defence, Aerospace

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VPT is a global leader in providing power conversion solutions for use in avionics, military, space, and industrial applications. VPT offers high reliability DC-DC converters, EMI filters, accessory power products, and custom engineering services for the rapid development of critical power systems. For over 20 years, VPT’s award-winning DC-DC converters, EMI filters, accessory products, and engineering services have powered systems for world class organizations and programs. View our continually expanding list of program heritage.

Business Areas : aeronautics ( DO160 standards consistent with Section 16, 17 & 18) , space and military

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Will- Burt , founded in 1918 and strong a staff of over 300 people, is the world leader and specialist for telescopic poles The company has expanded rapidly in particular through a series of takeovers . Integrated Tower Systems. Geroh , Actua Systems Will- Burt uses computer-aided design with the most advanced manufacturing processes to manage all phases of the manufacturing process : the development of tooling , machining and fabrication to delivery and installation of the products .

Business Areas : Defence, Industry , First Aid

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ZMT provides innovative in silico solutions to the medical device and life sciences industries. Our flagship product Sim4Life is the leading simulation platform which accurately analyzes and predicts intricate physiological processes within the complex anatomy of the human body. The validated platform is centred on a set of detailed, high-resolution computational anatomical models (ViP) which accommodate global variations in the human anatomy. Applications include active/ passive medical devices, MRI systems, and any solution employing wireless communications and power transfer. ZMT also develops complementary validation tools, including fully characterized/ ISO17025 calibrated solutions for MR-compatibility assessment of RF implant safety.

Business areas: Medical, Research, Scientific

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