Positronic present its new connector series, ECLIPSE, specially designed for rack-mount power supplies dedicated to data centers and their related equipments. The hybridization of signal and power contacts allows to transmit data’s and power in one connector. This possibility comes from Positronic’s experience to select copper alloys low in resistance, precision machining process and by the female geometry that provides excellent normal force against the male contact.

  • Machined power contact paired with formed signal for the best ratio performance/price
  • 250 mating cycles minimum
  • Halogen free insulator
  • Low profil, only 11mm

PANTHER connectors

The Panther range has been specially designed for use in rails, earth moving machinery, batteries and other related application, involving resistance to liquids and high temperatures. The range is therefore compliant with specific qualifications for smoke and toxic emissions required by aerospace, railway transportation or other passenger applications.

  • IP65/67 in mated condition
  • Working temperature -55 to +200°C
  • Removable or fixed contact style
  • Available in 3, 8 or 10 contacts
  • Contact are available in size 12, 16, 18 or 22 for a range of current from 4 to 20A for a rising temperature of 30°C
  • Available in 3, 8 or 10 contacts
  • Trapezoidale shape to avoid mating errors
  • Qualifications, EN45545-2 HL3 (R22/R23) et NFF 16-101/102
  • Shock and vibration according to EIA-364-28F, test condition IV

Custom Connectors

One thing that sets Positronic apart in the connector industry is our ability and desire to offer custom connectors at low volume. For Positronic, the phrase “custom connectors” covers the spectrum from a basic modification of a standard product all the way to a clean-sheet design done for a unique end user application.

- In-house QA lab for testing and certification

- Low non-recurring expenses for custom projects

- Extensive options

- Low minimum order size

- Manageable lead times


D-sub Connectors

Positronic carries a wide variety of D-sub connector families and accessories. The standard and high-density D-subminiature families are highly reliable and feature six package sizes and multiple performance options for the best cost to performance ratio.

Positronic D-sub connectors offer features such as:

- Mixed density, Standard, and High density options

- Industrial, Mil/Aero and Space & Satellite performance levels

- Fiber optic option

- Solid, machined contacts


Power/Signal Connectors

Positronic offers a variety of connector series so you can find the power connectors you need. All Positronic power connectors boast low contact resistance, an environmentally conscious feature that saves energy by reducing the amount of energy converted to heat during operation.

Positronic power connectors offer features such as:

- Medium to High Power

- Power/signal Hybrid Capability

- Modularity

- Blind Mating

- High Quality machined contacts

- Industrial, Mil/Aero and Space & Satellite performance levels


Power/signal Hybrid Capability

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